Research Expertise

Quandela’s Theory Team is led by Shane Mansfield and currently counts 20 permanent members. Areas of expertise cover quantum algorithms, device physics, and the development of scalable measurement-based and fault-tolerant quantum computing architectures. All activities are strongly focused around photonic quantum computing using quantum dot emitters.

Role in Quondensate

Within the project Quandela will focus on algorithms and use-cases of quantum reservoir computing and carry out performance benchmarking of developed techniques. It will also advise on commercialisation opportunities, industry insights, and exploitation of project outputs.

The People

Dr Shane Mansfield (PI)

Dr Alexia Salavrakos

Quondensate related papers

  1. Maring, Nicolas, et al.
    A general-purpose single-photon-based quantum computing platform.
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  2. Heurtel, Nicolas, et al.
    Perceval: A software platform for discrete variable photonic quantum computing.
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  3. Mezher, Rawad, Ana Filipa Carvalho, and Shane Mansfield.
    Solving graph problems with single photons and linear optics.
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Quandela is a leader in the field of quantum technologies. Leveraging the world’s most efficient single-photon emitters, the company has developed and marketed photonic quantum computers. Based in the Paris region, the company employs over 80 people including experts in semiconductors, optics, electronics, quantum information theory and computer science.

Quandela’s core quantum emitter technology is based on the use of semiconductor quantum dots in cavities, a technology developed at the Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies (CNRS, Paris-Saclay Univeristy). These emitters have been on the market since 2017 and have been delivered internationally.

Since 2023, Quandela has been supplying MosaiQ quantum computers: modular, scalable, energy-efficient photonic quantum computers accessible both in the cloud and on Quandela’s own site. Our teams specialise in full-stack development of software and hardware solutions for a variety of quantum computing applications.

Quandela’s goal is to push back the boundaries of computing by using photons at the heart of quantum computers. At the same time, Quandela has developed royalty-free software (Perceval) for photonic quantum computing and opened a quantum cloud service to provide access to this new computing power.