Centrum Fizyki Teoretycznej PAN


Research expertise

The theory group at the Center of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences led by prof. M. Matuszewski, has extensive expertise in polariton systems theory, with a strong track record of collaborations with leading experimental and theoretical groups. The group specializes in nonlinear phenomena in optical and condensed matter systems. Past achievements of Prof. Matuszewski include the first proposal of a polariton reservoir neural network followed by its experimental realization. 


The main contribution of CTP PAS to the project will be the development of new designs and architectures of quantum reservoirs as well as theoretical and numerical analysis of the system.

The people:

Prof Michal Matuszewski (PI)

QUONDENSATE related papers:

  1. Andrzej Opala, Sanjib Ghosh, Timothy C.H. Liew, Michał Matuszewski
    Neuromorphic Computing in Ginzburg-Landau Polariton-Lattice Systems
    Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 064029 (2019).
  2. Sanjib Ghosh, Andrzej Opala, Michał Matuszewski, Tomasz Paterek, Timothy C. H. Liew
    Quantum reservoir processing
    NPJ Quantum Information 5, 35 (2019).

Centrum Fizyki Teoretycznej PAN

The Center for Theoretical Physics brings together researchers from various fields related to theoretical physics, astrophysics and natural sciences: classical and quantum field theory, quantum optics, basics of quantum mechanics and quantum information theory, physics of new states of matter, cosmology and astronomy.