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Towards Quantum Information era with QUONDENSATE

Text from PoilMi press release: https://www.polimi.it/en/spotlight/news-details/home/towards-quantum-information-era-with-quondensate

IC Pathfinder QUONDENSATE project has kicked off

Today’s computers, based on parallel processing of information, are reaching their physical limitations.

In order to overcome such a major hurdle, the EIC Pathfinder Project QUONDENSATE, which has just kicked off, will bring break-through advancements in computation technologies by developing innovative quantum neural networks.

To reach this aim, the project will combine quantum computing approaches, which exploits quantum physics to solve complex problems faster than classical computers, with computational network architectures inspired by the human brain.

Prof. Giulio Cerullo’s research team at Politecnico di Milano, coordinator of the project, will work in synergy with six other prestigious Universities from Europe and Canada, and a world-leading company in the field of quantum technologies: Quandela. 

The revolutionary strategy of QUONDENSATE relies on the controlled fabrication of atomic defects in novel ultrathin materials, acting as quantum bits (qubits), the basic elements of information in the quantum processor, when triggered by external ultrafast laser pulses.

The interactions between multiple defect nodes will create a network resembling the biological neuronal organization of the brain. Tailoring the physical properties of the network will ultimately lead to its neuromorphic complexity and advanced computing functionality. 

The outcome of QUONDENSATE will result in a prototypical quantum computer which will overcome the conventional boundaries of standard information and computation technologies, paving the way for the “Quantum Information era”.